King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Austin Rehearsals

The Radical Action Tour continues, with our first show coming up in Austin, Texas. So the band is spending our usual week rehearsing, tightening things up, trying a few new twists, and adding some more repertoire… or at least working on that. Whether each piece will make it into our setlists depends on how they sound.

Robert's off to a quicker start on his road diary than I am!
LOTS of gear!
And I've learned a new word. "Bodge" seems to be what the English road crew use for what we Americans would call a "kluge"

Our personnel is much the same, both band and crew. But Bill Rieflin, unable to do this tour leg, is showing his keyboard parts to Chris Gibson, who’ll be his ‘dep’ (English musicians’ term for ‘sub’) for this tour leg.

And, of course, there are always some issues with equipment
After a week... time to pack up and move to the venue where our shows will be

Our tour leg will kick off here in Austin, then travel to Dallas, Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington, Philadelphia, Newark, Boston, Albany, Allentown, Huntington, Port Chester, New York, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Cleveland and Milwaukee.

So there will be lots more diaries from the road coming up!