King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Ann Arbor Show

The alley behind the Michigan Theater is pretty colorful, as is everything here in Ann Arbor. It’s a great town to come and play in - this is the third time that I remember being here with King Crimson, and we’re looking forward to the show.

In some venues there isn’t room for our 3 wardrobe cases to fit in a room backstage… and they go off on the side of the stage.

It gets pretty amusing looking through them in the dark, searching for your black suit among all the other black suits they’re full of.

Being a photographer, you can't help loving the odd mirror setups we sometimes find.
Gavin's got his "I don't know about this" face on.
Ok, I've had my fun with the mirrors - gotta go play.
Got me!
And, at the end of the concert, what a great crowd.

Let me share with you something about the audience photos I take at the end of the show. The audience has been told to hold off on their pictures and videos until I pick up my camera - which is after the last encore song ends. What I’ve learned through editing many of my photos is that the first ones I take show a normal audience, clapping and waving. But after a few seconds go by, it’s quite a different view – cellphones all over, and about half the applause because so many hands are occupied taking pictures.

And a few seconds later, everyone is looking down at their devices, to see how their picture came out! (Me too.)

It’s all fine, but makes me think what a good idea is was to insist that it be done this way, rather than have it going on throughout the show, and spoiling everyone’s view of the stage.

Yes, we’re taking photos too. Hope you’ve enjoyed mine!

More soon, from our last two shows, in Cleveland and Milwaukee.