King Crimson 2017 Tour pt2

Albany Shows

Great to be back in Albany, and playing again at The Egg.

I’m once again out taking pictures of this unique venue.

The hard part is to find a spot where it actually looks like an egg!

More like a globe from this spot.
A rice bowl?
or a football!
Okay, now it's close to an egg. A huge one, that's going to scramble you if it falls.
I found a schematic of the venue online.

In the drawing it looks kind of like a devilled egg!

I don’t see our dressing room there, but glad to see they have a room for flies… I didn’t even notice them during the show!

At soundcheck, there's Pat, out in the seats, taking pictures..
And Robert taking a picture of me taking pictures of Pat!
Backstage, signing to do.
Here we go onstage...

A fun show in a very cool venue.

Fortunately, we’re here for two days, and the second show is usually a treat because we’re used to the sound of the theater. And, a treat for me: my wonderful wife Andi is here for the Albany shows.

Another excellent show.

Because I live in the area, I’m driving to a few of these shows. And tonight it’s home for me after the show. Headed tomorrow to Allentown, PA. for our next show.

More soon.