King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Toronto Show

There's a lot of history here at Massey Hall, including Crimson having played here before
Backstage: tonight we'll get to play the full set

As usual, once we go onstage I stop taking the pictures I used to grab during the show - out of respect for the audience, whom we ask repeatedly to hold off on their videos and pictures until the very end of the show.

So here we are at the end:

We haven’t had any bad shows on this tour, so it’s hard to judge between the different nights, most of which have different setlists. The way it seems to be going is, if the venue sound is good, it’s a great time for all - audience and band. Tonight, again, that was the case.

Travel tomorrow to Quebec, one of my favorite cities, and then on Friday we’ll have our last Canadian show there.