King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

San Diego and L.A. Shows

The San Diego venue, called "Humphreys by the bay" is aptly named
From backstage we're just about in the water. And onstage a nice view of the Bay
Out at the merch table, Adrian has a wide variety of new Crimson things
and Pat speaks to some of the early guests
our dressing room is a hotel room in the adjoining motel
Getting darker... here we go

Next up: a show in Los Angeles, at the wonderful outdoor venue that Crimson used to always play back in the 80’s… the Greek Theater.

Really hot in the afternoon -- we need reflective material covering things in the front row
they even need to bring a canopy to cover Pat's drum kit
I wonder if John and Robert are shaking hands!
Michele covering my pedals
Jason covering drums
Backstage, work to do... but it's cooler here
Last thing before heading onstage...
a reminder: clicking on the picture will give you a bigger version, if you want to find yourself
and I'm putting up multiples, in case... you're looking down at your cellphone!
Backstage, celebrating another special show

We’re saying goodbye to California now, heading to Denver for the upcoming show there.

More soon.