King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Quebec Show

It’s always great to come back to Quebec, where I’ve had some of my best concert experiences.

Though I’ve taken better pictures of the city on past trips, when I had more time, I couldn’t resist grabbing just a few:

walking around, I come across Jakko, Gavin and Renee, who's our wonderful assistant tour mgr

In a surprise, the venue we’re playing is not one of the theaters, or outdoor venues that are so nice here during the summer festival… we’re playing at a hockey arena, the fairly new Centre Videotron… not the place you’d expect great sound.

But the vast arena has been curtained off, making kind of a… well, a theater like place at the end of it. We could tell at soundcheck, the sound was going to be fine tonight.

Backstage, tonight's setlist...
The dressing rooms are nice, as you'd expect
If you were wondering what it's like looking out the back of the empty gear truck onto the loading dock...
and, walking into the arena, a sign that seems to advise wearing foot spikes before walking onto the hockey rink ice. (fortunately, no ice tonight.)
Circled around our setlist...
and another peek never hurts!
Time to go on
It's a wide space, with seats far to the side, so maybe with a few shots you can find yourself

Wonderful show. Sad to leave this special city, where progressive rock really has a home, where the views are so great, and… where we can grab a bite after our show at Il Teatro!