King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Chicago Show

Tonight’s show at the Chicago Theater was one of our best.
The theater is pretty unique. Quite colorful, with a lot of character - like Chicago itself.
at soundcheck...
Mel has brought his bass flute along on this tour - aside from hearing it, I love getting pictures of it.
and Pat's percussion toys are always interesting
When we’ve finished soundcheck, Robert is, as usual, creating some music that will entertain (or mystify) the audience as they come in.
Backstage, there's work to be done
always worth another look at the setlist
Ready to go on...
and here we go
Lense not wide enough to get everyone in one photo! If you're in any of these pictures, you can get a larger version by clicking on it

A very special show. And afterward, icing on the cake, Pat and I greeted some friends from our camp… (there were more in the room, but this is all we could assemble.)

A great stay here in Chicago, and as I said, maybe our best show so far.

Now we head to Rochester, NY, which for me will be a sweet return to where I lived for 6 years, and the theater in which I’ve played the most special shows in of my career.

More soon.