King Crimson 2017 Tour pt1

Bay Area Shows

We’ve come to San Francisco, where we’ll have three shows in the Bay Area.

We’ll have two shows in Oakland, at the Fox Theater, but the first is at a very cool venue I’ve never been to before, in Saratoga, California - it’s an outdoor stage located in a vinyard, and is called The Mountain Winery.

As you can see, it’s the location of the Paul Masson winery, and there are numerous giant wine barrels placed around the venue.

The place manages to feel intimate, but is pretty spacious

After soundcheck, Gavin and David Singleton presented a little talk with some of the pre-show guests.

And backstage, the usual goings on

With audience spread around the stage, not the easiest place to get audience photos from the stage… but I tried.

That was fun - and lucky that the weather was very nice… I’d guess it could get pretty cold and windy up in those hills.

Now, to a very different venue - the beautiful and recently restored Fox Theater, in Oakland.

Nice poster backstage
which usually means there'll be some signing to do
Ready to go...
A nice break at intermission...
Another reminder, because it's a new feature on the site, that if you click on the picture, you get a bigger version of it.

Okay - nice show. Ready for night two.

Some shots from soundcheck and backstage
Fists before going on... a low light challenge for photographers!

And, another cool show, another excellent audience.

Well, this was something to celebrate.

Wonderful few shows here in the area. Tomorrow we’ll fly to San Diego for a show there, followed by one at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles — which I remember playing at with Crimson a few times, way back in the 80’s. It’ll be a fun re-visit.