King Crimson 2016 Tour

Wroclaw Shows

Like everyone who comes here to Wroclaw, Poland, I went right to the market square to take some pictures.
At soundcheck, some sounds are coming out of Robert's rig that we've never heard before. And he's not playing them!
You know when we start peering into that rack, things are not good.

(I suspect that nobody really knows what’s inside there!)

Jeremy has some keyboard issues too
People have asked about this 'batman cape' cymbal of Pat's. It's not for looks, he plays it a lot
Soon all is solved and I am truly lucky to be sharing dressing room with the drummers (!)
Elevator down to stage level
Gotta love having the band captive for my pics
And later I had Dave Salt take another
I knew that Jeremy had a twin, but not that he wore the same hat.
Gavin practices hitting a cymbal with his right hand... "Bish! Yeah, that's what I'll do."

Great crowd, isn’t it. Sometimes when I look at my images of the audience at end of show, I’m struck how lucky we are that they now hold off on cellphone use until then.

Last June, touring with Peter Gabriel, it looked this way during the show, and it really interferes with everyone’s enjoyment of the music.

So, thanks for that, to all the audiences on this tour.

Sept 21st, the second show here.

I did take some more pictures around town…

Hooray, same dressing room
Robert signals one sharp... or that he's just going to pop into the bass trunk for a minute, be right back...
I'm afraid I have no explanation for this - we'll have to ask John.
But Mel seems to have liked the idea
I think Jakko wants to be in the picture... next time, my friend.


And I’ll finish the Wroclaw road diary with another picture from the elevator, on day two. Our fearless tour manager, Dave, is getting a lot better at taking these photos - even showed himself in this one.

Next will be the road diary from our Copenhagen shows.