King Crimson 2016 Tour

Stockholm Shows

Back in Stockholm for two shows here.

We stayed near the old town, so a few pictures were in order (yes, of things I’ve shot a few times through the years!)

The venue: Filadelfia, seems to be a church
with the classiest backstage eating area of the tour!

As usual, some signs our production puts up to help us figure out where to go…

But kind of confusing to me - this is looking in the other direction, and includes some of the same destinations
Lots of extra chairs, should we need them
Ready to head to stage... it's 3 flats for the opening piece
Some discussion about the setlist
we're leaving THAT one off... even though it's on the list
Down some stairs, up some stairs, 'hello Cleveland', and here we go

Very nice show - and we used our alotted time to the minute (hard curfew at 10pm here… we played 7pm to 10pm.)

Following morning, again great weather in Stockholm, and I met up with my dear friends, Linnea and Jennie, who’ve sung, played cello, and been opening act on Peter’s last few tours.

At soundcheck... always more for the crew to do. Biff is cleaning the clear screen that isolates Mel
One sharp

So, we end our Sweden stay with another special show. It’s hard to believe there’s only one more show, in Hamburg, before we finish this tour leg.

I have to go through my pictures to find some that haven’t been up yet, and have that accompany the next diary update.

We’ll, of course, re-assemble in November for more European touring, going into December. And Stick Men will be fairly busy later this month, and there will be diaries from that.

More soon.