King Crimson 2016 Tour

Oslo Shows

This sign outside a taco place in Oslo has absolutely nothing to do with our three King Crimson shows here. I just couldn’t resist sharing it!

It's a beautiful city, and an easy walk to the water

Over at the venue, Sentrum Scene, it’s a smaller theater than we’ve been playing. Feels like a big club, with seating.

Here's a view from the back, at soundcheck

Maybe it’s just me, but… don’t those look like cartoon eyes, peering at the stage?

Backstage... a band that practices a lot!
First piece in three sharps
or, perhaps, in THIS key!
Here we go

Cool show. And now, with two more shows at this venue, I’ll be challenged to find pictures of anything new!

Well, walking around town is still fun
Day two, it's Jeremy's birthday!
One sharp. See, things are quite different today!

Walking back to the hotel isn’t far, and there’s this to see. (The clock isn’t broken, it did happen to be midnight.)

Wednesday, the 28th… our third show here at the Sentrum Scene.

Well, from stage those eyes seem to be watching the audience!
Backstage - drummers being drummers
Another cool show, another great audience

And, the next morning, as we head for Stockholm, a last picture from the airport

More soon.