King Crimson 2016 Tour

Hamburg Show

We’re here in Hamburg for just one show - an unusual situation on this tour. Flew in yesterday from Stockholm, and tomorrow the band and crew will disburse in a lot of different directions, then to re-assemble in Antwerp, Belgium, at the beginning of November.

Travelling to Hamburg found us on delayed planes and more busses than we’d have liked.

At the venue, a few folks with our tour whom I rarely photograph (because they’re not working near the stage)

Dave, who sets up our PA and sound system
Adrian, selling our merch
Mark, our front of house engineer
Tonight, it's three flats, with the caveat that there could be a B natural involved!
Going for the loosened tie tonight
A last toss of our energy up into the air

Allright - very good show!

With less photos than usual, from our one night stand, I think I’ll add a few ‘sign’ pictures I took over the span of this tour leg:

Okay, more from our Crimson tour starting in Antwerp, November.

But from next week, I’ll have some Stick Men road diaries from shows in Europe.