King Crimson 2016 Tour

England Rehearsals

Band Pic

Crimson has assembled again in England, to tackle some new pieces, tighten up the old ones, and otherwise get in shape for our tour that will play England, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Austria and France.

What’s the same…. we’ll be wearing dark suits again onstage. What’s changed: Bill Reiflin, one of our treasured 3 drummers, can’t make this tour, and Jeremy Stacey will be filling in, both on drums and keyboards. Also, we’re bringing some material we haven’t done before. We can use the weeks of rehearsal anyway, to tighten up the pieces we did last year, but with other compositions to learn, it’s been a pretty intense period of work.

So, here are some pictures from around the rehearsal room from these last few weeks.

No, not a wedding! We dressed up one day for promo photos

Probably a good idea to start off with noting who everyone is…

Jeremy Stacey
Pat Mastelotto
Mel Collins
Jakko Jakszyk
Robert Fripp
Gavin Harrison
Russ Wilson
Jason Birnie
Michele Russotto
Biff Blumfumgagnge
Russ & Mark Vreeken
Ian Bond & Mark
John Armitage
Dave Salt
Jason builds a little house for Mel

Soon we’ll have our first show, in Aylesbury. I’ll put up another diary page then.