King Crimson 2016 Tour

Antwerp Rehearsals

Antwerp is a great city, and I’d only been here for short times in the past - so this past week, with 6 nights free between the StickMen tour and the continuation of our King Crimson tour, I decided to come here, get the flavor of the place, take some photos… and, yes, practice a bit in my rented room.

I think they like their fries here!

This diary page will only be some pictures I took around the old town. The band, arriving later, will rehearse a couple of days before our two shows here.

Here's a gratifying sight

And I’ll finish off with a pic of my absentee ballot, ready to mail out. I’d had it sent here so I wouldn’t miss out on voting this year!

More soon - very soon, in fact, as the guys are coming into town as I upload these pictures, and we’ll be at rehearsals tomorrow.