King Crimson 2016 Tour pt2

Vienna Shows

We’re in Vienna for two shows at the Museumsquartier.

I don’t think I can do better than the pictures I took last time I played here, so here are a couple of those:

But here’s one I took the evening we arrived. Sunsets and vistas aren’t what I’d have thought I’d be looking at in Vienna, but there it was.

At the venue
and, soon enough, we're in the elevator, headed for stage. It's an unsual one to be sure, but I'm happy it's large.
I gave Dave the camera and jumped in for a shot
We fuss over the setlist
and head on

Very nice show.

Day two, back here for soundcheck (and I'm trying to get a better shot of the venue.)
Backstage, we do what we always do; the drummers practice, I take pictures of them practicing!
A band room so exclusive even the band can't get in
Meet Señor Setlist
and his associate Dr. Directions
I'd say the elevator has, by now, lost it's charm for us
As I watch the guys study the setlist before going on...
it seems to hold a strange fascination for us. You wouldn't know that we each have the setlist onstage where we can't miss it
Really, it's not how to play the pieces that's on our minds, but the things that need to be prepared for each piece, sometimes with no pause between songs
With keyboard patches, drums and drum electronics, Jeremy probably has the most complications
Here we go

Wonderful city, wonderful audiences and shows.

I look forward to coming back before long. But now it’s on to Paris and the last shows of this year’s tour.