King Crimson 2016 Tour pt2

Rome Shows

In Rome for our two shows here.

We arrived to an unusual rainy day in Rome.

It cleared up at times, in the evening, and I was of course out shooting some pictures

The next morning was almost sunny, and I went out on an excursion

Seeing Michaelangelo’s “Mose” (Moses) always has a great effect on me. It was my dad’s favorite, as I’ve mentioned before. Though I have a pretty big picture of it right at my home studio desk, there’s nothing like seeing the marble up close - it has a life of it’s own. And with all that’s hit this week, the election, the contention back in the US, Leonard Cohen’s passing on… I can use a treat, so I walked a mile or so to the church it’s in, to have another look.

Alas, this time, the church it’s in has that quiet corner under construction, so I can’t stand near it, and even have to zoom in tight on the statue to get a decent picture without scaffolding, and their usual lighting of it is replaced by work lights.

Still quite an amazing work of art

Leaving the church, I saw this, on a different wall:
(and I’m sure you’re guessing what I thought.)

Our shows will be at the Auditorium Conciliazione, near the Vatican
Soundcheck as usual
3 drummers drumming!
and in the dressing rooms...
drummers drumming
The finger signs to signify opening key have got pretty out of hand...

Maybe they’re in anti-keys (about to be discovered at CERN) and Robert’s just trying to find a way to express them with fingers not made of anti-matter

It's got me watching everyone's hands!
a look at the setlist, and here we go
Pat spots a youngster in the audience
and is off to give him a drumstick
coming offstage, Dave, our tour mgr, grabs my camera for a fist shot with the bald guy in it
and aftershow, a short visit with two of the wonderful Campers from TOAPP music camp. (Nice shirt, Christian!)

Show two, on Nov 12: many less photos - I think we’ve seen enough from the Rome soundchecks.

But there’s a different setlist

and a new key for the opening music... I guess...
another wonderful audience

As I wrote back before the Milan show, it’s great to be back in Italy with King Crimson. The band has a long history of special shows here.

We continue to appreciate that audiences are cooperating with our request to hold off on photos until the end of the music. I know it’s hard for some (myself included in that!) But seeing all the cellphones, in the pictures and videos afterwards, it’s ever more clear what a good idea it is to have the concert free of that.

Leaving Rome with this picture of yet another who held off until the end for his selfie!