Cruise to the Edge 2018

Cruise to the Edge Pt2

Not exactly day two… there are 5 days at sea and I’ve mixed the photos up. But we had a very nice show on the outdoor stage with Stick Men & David Cross.

Soundcheck began in the afternoon… with gear issues we were still onstage as darkness fell.

But the show was fun. And, for me, better than the first one onboard.

I made it to some other shows on the cruise…

IO Earth
Moon Safari

and a whole lot of “Late Night Live” prog covers by the talented folks on the cruise.

Well, as you can see, a great time had by us all - performers and visitors as well.

What it’s hard to show is the family-like feeling that pervades, making the interaction between artists and fans such a positive experience. That’s why we keep coming back to the Cruise to the Edge.

Having somewhat started off this road diary with a sunrise, I’ll end it with sunset of our last day at sea.