Belgian Recording Session


I’ve been spending a week in Antwerp, and had a chance to connect a bit with the Belgian music scene here. It came up that I could do a recording session with some excellent Belgian musicians. I jumped at the chance.

It’s for a new instrumental album of keyboardist Dominique Vantomme.

The studio, somewhat outside of the city, is called Studio Jesus… I think from the picture above, you can see why.

Aside from Dominique, the players were: Maxime Lenssens on drums, Michel Delville on guitar, and with engineering by Pascal Deweze, and a lot of help from Fritz Sundermann. Guy Vandenplas kindly brought a MusicMan bass for me to use, as I had only the Stick along, and though that’s great for a couple of tracks, bass is nice too!

We did some prepared pieces, though in a very loose way - so there are some charts on the music stands.

But others were completely improvised.

A very cool experience for me - I’m always thrilled to find how many great players there are in places I haven’t been to. Thanks to all the guys for having me be part of the music. We’ll look for the album to come out next year.