TOAPP Music Camp 2018

Camp 2018

The yearly Three of a Perfect Pair music camp is a unique event, with a wonderful group of people attending, playing, and having a pretty great time. This year was no exception.

The above picture notwithstanding, it’s an idyllic quiet locale in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

The camp is headed by Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto and myself. But we also bring in Markus Reuter to teach and play. Julie Slick and Tobias Ralph are usually there to join in as Adrian’s band, Saul Zonana will give some guitar classes.

The day before found us rehearsing Stick Men in nearby Kingston, where I live.

and preparing stuff to go to the camp

Brought my new drone along (with mixed success, as you’d guess from a new user!)

Here’s a short video that came out pretty well - some of us “Arriving at Camp”

Rehearsal at the Full Moon camp

The weather was rough at times. A lot of rain in the first few days, and some of my photos were taken in between downpours.

But every night, Camper jams at the Road House…

We call those jams, but really they’re pieces the Campers have worked out, and rehearsed beforehand or here at camp.

A quite different jam is the very spontaneous one, with all 90 campers in the big barn, directed by Adrian.

with musical instructions like

Before long, the true nature of the Campers (and Adrian) comes out, and things are pretty wild.

Think we're having fun?

Whew! Here are some pics of my favorite thing at camp: the Campers.

A tradition: Beatles songs at the bonfire.

Almost forgot… there’s the show we did on the last night at the barn. By then I’d taken enough photos, but couldn’t resist at the end, when the line between audience and band became very blurred!

Here’s a picture of pretty much the whole group, taken by the incomparable Avraham Banks.

After that posed picture, I dragged everyone out onto the lawn to attempt a video with my drone.

Totally blew it and had it off while we were waving goodbye, then on when we were almost out of sight!

But, as people were milling around, I did another run with the drone, and though it’s chaotic, here are the Campers at Three of a Perfect Pair Camp

A fantastic time, yet again, with fantastic people.

We sadly disband on Friday morning, to go our various ways.

My trip home is probably the easiest of anyone’s, because I live nearby.

And what a nice welcome home from my wife Andi… a bounty from the garden!

Camp has become a high point of the year for those of us who put it on, and I think for the Campers too. Next Summer, same place, we’ll do it again.