TOAPP Camp 2016

Camp 2016 Show

A few more pictures from around the camp…

And from the Thursday night show...

Alas I didn’t take pictures of the band - pretty busy playing - but I must say it did catch my attention that the audience was quite enthusiastic, and quite adept at playing complex rhythms with their squeezy pig toys!

Tough crowd to please, as you can see!

After our show, late as it is, the best part of camp is yet to come: the Beatles campfire sing along.

I wandered off a bit, to the adjascent field to get some photos of the beautiful stars overhead. Very little light pollution here. Some campers, much more expert at it than I am, helped me out with the camera settings.

Yet again, a very special week of connections with great people and music with wonderful players.

My thanks to Adrian and Pat, to Markus and Julie and Marco, to Jeremy and Jack (our great crew) and to the Campers who helped out with logistics, jam signup, and lugging gear. To Denis Rodier, who every year designs a great logo for our posters and t’s. And to Amy and the Full Moon Resort staff for having us.

And to all the attendee Campers who made it what it is.

Can’t wait to do it again next year, and make it even better!

Thanks to Avraham Bank for this picture of us all