Stick Men 2019 Summer Tour

Pawling and Natick shows

Combining two nights to one diary page. Daryl’s House, in Pawling, NY is a very nice club, which we’ve played in quite a bit (in fact I was there this Spring with Keaggy Levin Marotta, and I’ll be back next January with Levin Brothers.)

We had a long drive down from Rochester, and some rain along the way, but all’s well for the show

and a very nice crowd turned up

A good night for us. Aftershow, loaded the gear out and drove to a hotel in Connecticut, in the direction of tomorrow’s show near Boston.

Aug 8th:

And in Natick, it’s another familiar place that we like a lot - the Center for the Arts in Natick.

A drum mic malfunctioned during the show and Jeremy came onstage to rescue us

You can’t hide, Jeremy!

A nice aftershow with lots of friends.

Tomorrow is a short drive for us, just up North to Manchester NH, where we’ll have a show in a venue we haven’t been to before.

More soon.