Stick Men 2019 Summer Tour

New York Shows

We’re back on Broadway!

Playing again at the Iridium, at 51st St and Broadway.

This club has a lot of history.

As always, our engineer, Robert Frazza, will use his iPad to mix the show, so he’s not confined to the house mixing desk, which in some clubs is pretty removed from what most people are hearing.

This is in the category of ‘really unusual’… Before showtime a few gentlemen came backstage to show me an item they’d manufactured, and were interested in marketing… a little statue of me!

From the show:

During an improv, Pat delivers his ‘crushed plastic bottle’ sound

And, next night, Thursday the 1st, we’re back for another show.

Now, after our third show of the tour, we’re in our groove, and enjoying being together.

Next show will be in Asbury Park at the classic rock club The Saint. More soon.