Stick Men 2019 Summer Tour

Asbury Park Show

Another classic place to play, The Saint, in Asbury Park, has seen it all.

and it seems as if half of “it all” has found it’s way to the walls and ceiling of the club.


Backstage room also has quite a bit to look at

Our friend George has been helping us out a great deal on this tour leg. He gets to enjoy the splendor backstage…

A nice element they have here, that’s unusual in clubs this small; a curtain onstage - so we can tune up before the show starts. (And I can grab a couple of photos.)

And, the best part of being here; great audience as usual

Tomorrow we’ll go to Jim Thorpe, PA, and play at a venue I haven’t been to, called the Mauch Chunk Opera House. I’m told it’s a very good venue, and it’ll be our first theater show on the tour.

More soon.