Stick Men 2018 S. America Tour

Rio de Janeiro

Early morning leave for the airport in Sao Paulo, (there will be a number of those on the tour) and a very long check in process because we’re loaded with instruments and gear.

But we had a bit of time in the Rio hotel before heading to soundcheck… and saw this unexpected sign.

As a new drone user, I’m curious about how many places are or will be forbidding drone use. Must admit I was surprised to see that it’s prohibited in this hotel elevator(!) Fortunately the second hotel elevator had no sign, so I can only assume you are allowed to fly a drone in it. (Alas, I didn’t bring mine on tour.)

Off to our show. In the Niteroi section of Rio de Janeiro, another lovely theater - this building is, I’m told, 200 years old.

Backstage, show delayed a bit, and we're killing time.

An interesting sight to me. Before show, the audience starting to come in, and there’s a dark screen across the front of the stage. People can’t see the setting up onstage, and there seems to be some info projected onto the screen. I’d just come on to check my tuning, but enjoyed this view.

Clearly this band has not coordinated our shoe colors.

As Pat and I wait in the wings, David and Markus take the stage to start the opening improv piece. We’ll give them a couple of minutes to set the mood, then join in.

Again, thanks to our promoters for this picture.

We actually played two shows tonight - I’ve combined the pictures. Great fun, and the improvs were exceptional.

Next we’ll travel to Beuenos Aires, to start the Argentina leg of our tour - we’ll have 4 shows there.

More soon.