Stick Men 2018 Europe Tour

Prague Show

It’s always a treat to return to Prague.

I’ve taken all the pictures before, but can’t resist wandering and grabbing some new versions.

We’ve played the Lucerna Bar before with Stick Men. And with HoBoLeMa was the first time I visited it.

And, during the show… I’m so glad we share the talking parts of the show among us. It not only gives the audience a chance to know each of us better, but also when I’m not introducing songs, I can grab pictures!

Wish we could stay here longer. But, as with a few of the cities on this tour, I’m happy to know I’ll be returning this Summer, on the King Crimson tour. Will certainly be playing a different venue, but I think I’ll see some of the same people in the audience.

Off next to England, where we have a few shows coming up.

More soon.