Stick Men 2018 Europe Tour

Nove Mesto and Brno Shows

Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia - I’m going to call it just Nove Mesto. We’ve been here before, and look forward to enjoying another show. First stop, our hotel, has a castle behind it, atop a striking looking hill.

(This rates two pictures!)
The venue, another Blue Note club, will, we know, have a good sound system.
Wow, don’t know if we’re an American Supergroup, but nice to see the poster.

It’s not all work here on tour… we occasionally get to relax.

And, who says I never get pictures of myself here on the road diary…
During the show...

Really nice. This tour is going well - it’s a brisk pace (tomorrow will be the fifth country visited) but everyone’s healthy and we’re enjoying it a lot.

I’ve barely mentioned Peter Bales. He has been a huge help to us, driving the van, loading gear and helping set everything up. This morning, knowing the only pictures I got of him were when he’s crawling around the stage, I collared him for a minute for a portrait outside our hotel.

Okay, back into the van to head for Czech Republic.

In Brno, the distinctive Sono Centrum venue.

One thing we remember about playing here - it’s not a long way from the hotel!

And, distinctive inside too.

At soundcheck, I’m reminded once again how much Robert Frazza has to do with our show. He’s been mixing the band since we formed, and now does the front of house sound from his iPad, while roaming the venue to be sure it sounds right in all the nooks.

After sound check, Markus’ self-designed T8 guitar sits in the spotlight while we head backstage..

Okay! The sound in this venue is the best we’ve had yet on the tour.

Onward now to Prague, then shows in England, Wales, France, Finland, Macedonia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain!