Stick Men 2018 Europe Tour

Milan and Verona Shows

Back in Milan now, and happy to be playing the Blue Note club. Though it’s primarily a jazz venue, we’ve found the sound to be great here.

And, at the show... when the guys talk to the audience, I get to take pictures

Very nice show. Next morning it’s off to Verona, not a long drive today.

The club we usually play, which is outside Verona, is called “Il Giardino”. It’s quite unique, as you’ll see, and has a great bunch of people who come to shows here.

I seem to take pictures of the walls and ceiling each time I play here, but it seems a bit different each time.

Feels like Elvis is watching Pat set up his drums.
The dressing room stands out... nothing on the ceiling here!
And let me show you a closeup of that wifi password...

You can imagine us each trying, over and over, to type that into our devices. Pretty amusing.

Don’t worry about my having revealed it – turned out to be missing one digit, so not quite the right code!

Emanuelle Cirani opened the show with a nice set on the Chapman Stick.
and now it's our turn.
Once again, while Pat introduces a piece, I can take pictures
Wonderful audience.

Tonight was the last of our five Italian shows. Tomorrow we’ll have our first “day off” of the tour… we’ll drive about 6 hours to Austria, and have the evening free, before driving a few more hours the following day to our Vienna show.

Probably won’t have much to photograph until then, but more soon.