Stick Men 2018 Europe Tour

Barcelona Madrid and Malaga shows

The last 3 shows of our whirlwind Europe tour are in Spain.

In Barcelona, the club, Sala Bikini, is one we’ve played before.

Great crowd, excellent show.

Next morning, train to Madrid

and passing some Spanish countryside
Arriving to load in at the Madrid club... a colorful welcome

Before we soundcheck, I met a bassist named Albert Anguela, who gave me a gift: a book he’s written with all the basslines I did in the Peter Gabriel Secret World Live tour! Wow!

We have the venue listed as "Cool Stage" And the stage has the backdrop we really like

A treat for us: the opening act tonight is a duo called “XaDu” and is comprised of two friends of ours, Xavi and Dujan.

Markus and I played on an album of theirs last year.

And tonight I got to be photographer for their set.
Here's our show...

In an improv, I’m free to pick up the camera…

Pat plays some acoustic sounds into his mic
including a squeeze pig, which he shows me, is an authentic Iberian squeeze pig!

Next for us is the Malaga show. Another train trip…

The club, Cochera Cabaret, is one we haven’t played before.

A surprise for me; the opening band, called Glazz, had a bassist playing with Funk Fingers. I’m always glad they’re being distributed, but never get the chance to see anybody using them, so this was really a treat.

Wonderful audience to help us celebrate the final show of this tour

I didn’t take many pictures today, for plenty of reasons… main one was that the show was late, and with goodbyes and packing up, I knew it’d be a very late night at the hotel with early morning flights - and I wanted to collate these pictures and get them up on the road diary before heading home in the morning.

(Experince has taught me that once other things grab my attention it’s pretty hard to go back and finish a diary.)

The tour was super for us… playing really well, very nice audiences, and we’re tickled that we were able to fit so many shows (23) into the month of March.

Big thanks to Francesco Grieco for booking it, to Peter Bales for driving most of the tour, and as always, Robert Frazza for doing our sound.

This isn’t quite the last diary page of the tour… I’m going to add one more page with my favorites of the photos I took this month. But otherwise, it’s on to other things for each of us. King Crimson will re-convene in a few weeks, getting ready for the Summer touring, and Stick Men will tour again in August and September with David Cross as guest, and shows in South America.

You can be sure I’ll be taking photos at it all.