Stick Men 2018 Europe Tour

Aschaffenburg and Amsterdam shows

In Aschaffenburg now. The Colos-Saal is a club we’ve played in often, and enjoy being in.

Great to have a few minutes to take a walk in town too.

A familiar scene loading in the gear.
Maybe it's just me, but I even like the backstage floor
Nice gig.

I didn’t get as many photos today as I like to… will try to make it up tomorrow at the Amsterdam show.


Melkweg is the club. Actually the building has numerous rooms with bands playing.

At an interview before soundcheck, I wangled some important information: how the Dutch pronounce the name “Huygens”. I’m not expert yet, but I think I’m closing in on it. Why, you might ask… well, somehow the name of that famous astronomer got to be part of a lyric for a piece I’m doing. And my previous attempts at it didn’t sound right even to me! (If you need to know, my notes say “How … chens, with a soft ‘ch’ ”

Now you can sing along!)

Caught Pat stretching and practicing:

Here in Amsterdam, even the late night load-out is colorful.

Next day we are off flying to Spain for the last 3 shows of the tour. That means leaving our dear Peter and his van… he’ll be missed.

A quick picture before leaving… doesn’t look like a group heading to the 13th country we’ve played in March. We’ve really had a good time.

By the way, getting this group to pose for a photo is not quite herding cats, as it is with some groups, but… here’s one of the many tries to use my camera’s auto delay…

Next for us, after a day travelling, shows in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

More from there, soon.