Stick Men 2016 Prog Noir Tour

Tel Aviv, Nove Mesto, Usti Nad Labem, Brno Shows

The last four shows of our tour, with little free time, I’ve only got a handful of pictures from each, so I’ve combined them to one page.

The day after our Weingarten show, we flew to Tel Aviv, connecting through Istanbul - a long day of travel, and no time to do anything but head to the show the next day.

Barby Club, Tel Aviv
A very nice audience

And, morning after the show, back to Europe. Flying into Vienna to meet Peter, the van, and our old friend Mirko, who’ll be helping out with merch sales for the remaining shows.

From the airport we drive to Slovakia, a town called Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

I’m told the name means ‘new town by the Vah river’, but Wikipedia tells me this town has been around a very long time - first written about in 1263 AD!

Nothing old about the venue - a very nice Blue Note jazz club
Here's Mirko, with Markus
Robert working on the sound
Peter, helping with everything!

I don’t put up on the diary how gratifying it is, each night, to play our music for appreciative audiences. Whatever the venue is like, it’s always really special for us, and fun too. Sometimes I’m asked how we stand up to all the travel - the answer is the shows, and the people who come to them - they make it more than worth it.

Next day, back in the van and drive to Czech Republic city of Ústí nad Labem.

It’s a nicely organized jazz & blues festival going on here. We share the bill with two other bands. Good fun to hear them, and hang out a bit with other players.

Next morning, off to the Czech city of Brno - 2nd largest city in Czech Republic. I hadn’t been here before.

It's a beautiful theater
a short radio interview before we go on
Opening band are friends of Pat's: Tomas Mutina and David Kollar and their project DaT

and that brings to an end this leg of Stick Men’s ‘Prog Noir’ tour.

The next morning, at 5:30am, we leave for Vienna airport, where the six of us each head in different directions.

Robert, Pat, Mirko, Peter & Markus

So I’ll bring this tour diary to a close. Stick Men will tour extensively from early January, and there will be lots from that.

For me, after a 7 day break, it’s back with King Crimson to continue our Europe tour, starting in Antwerp. I’ll have plenty to share from that tour too.

Bye for now.