KLM 2019 Shows

KLM Winter Tour 2019

KLM refers to Phil Keaggy, Jerry Marotta and myself. We’ve recently released a CD called Bucket List, culled from tracks we recorded years ago, in Woodstock.

And, finally having time to do some shows, we’ve convened in Woodstock to rehearse and hit the road.

Rehearsals were in Jerry’s studio, a former church.

That’s Phil on the left, and Mike Pachelli, who’s playing guitar with us. Phil had done multiple guitar parts on the album, and we want to get close to that in the shows, so Mike’s a valuable part of the band.

Jerry and I have been playing together since… well, about when the earth cooled.
A.J. Chippero is along for the tour, helping out in a myriad of ways.

Paul Grimsland, our good friend, who both produced the album and put this tour together, is doing so many things I haven’t yet caught him for a picture. (I will… he can run but he can’t hide!)

First show, right here in Woodstock, had some surprises for us… the original venue, Bearsville Theater, was suddenly unavailable. Just two days before the show, Robert Frazza, our agent and sound engineer, had to notify all the ticket holders that we’d move the show to the community center… hardly the venue we’d envisioned.

But the audience squeezed in, and the show went very well.

I only got shots of our opening act, singer Flav Martin

and when Phil did a couple of solo songs, yay, I could become a photographer.

I’ll have a few more photos soon, from our next shows.