King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour


Sonic Stupinigi Park is a venue near Torino that’s quite unlike any I’ve seen. The stage is in the park of the Palazzina di Caccia

From the stage, looking beyond the sound desk to the Palazzina - a building that’s hard to describe, but it’s very very big!

Originally designed as a hunting lodge for a king, it how houses a museum

And today our dressing rooms are in it. But way around the back, and that’s a long way. I’m told there are 137 rooms.

But back to the stage, where today’s action is.

This is what I call a stellar Sonic Stupinigi scenic setlist setting!

Wandering around for a few more photos before the audience arrives

Yeah, got the drone out.

How do we get back and forth to the dressing rooms? Here’s our tour manager, Dave, with asst. Renee driving, showing me the way!

Dressing room

and a view of people arriving

Later, we’re dressed and heading off. Dave took the pic.

Going onstage for our first set
Back on for set two
and after the music... (you can click on any picture for a larger version)