King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Perugia Show

Beautiful Perugia is a fitting place to do our last concert of this European leg of the 50th anniversary tour.

First, some pictures around the historic center:

We got to stay in the center, and enjoyed the music and crowds from the Umbria Jazz Festival.

By the way, Umbria is the Italian region that Perugia is located in, and in pictures of the area I noticed more than a little of the color umber. (This is an internet pic of the pigment)

Our show is in a different part of town, at the Arena Santa Giuliana.

Because of the heat, they have a dark shade they can pull down to keep the stage from overheating. Today, it’s a good idea!

(Yes, it's drone time again!)

The area behind the audience seating is very lovely

From stage, we can see that church steeple

In the evening, things are getting a little wet.

But not much rain this time
Here we go
(One of my favorite shots of our preshow 'enfistulation')

A wonderful end to what’s been an exceptionally picturesque summer tour for us. I loved doing the outdoor venues.

We’re not done by any means - we’ll resume in Mexico in August. But it does feel like the completion of an important part of our tour, and as is traditional, a toast is in order.

There will be more Crimson road diaries coming up in August. And, in the near term, I’ll get something posted from our Stick Men U.S. tour that starts in a week or so, and from the wonderful TOAPP Camp after that.