King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Palmanova Show

Tonight’s show is outdoors, in the central square of a star shaped city in the NE of Italy, Palmanova. Well, even the ‘square’ is six sided.

Today’s story is that of two days; the sunny hot one and the stormy one. The band arrived in the afternoon, our crew having been at work here since morning, as usual.

Lovely place.

and soundcheck, while quite hot and sweaty, went by with no problem

Don't fall in love with this setlist... it's not the one we ended up playing

An hour or so before the scheduled 9:30pm start of the show, the rain came.

A lot of rain! And wind and lightning.

The crew, unable to even stand on the stage, waited inside for things to clear up

As did we.

Pat and I recalled playing a Crimson show back in ‘96 at a nearby town, Lignano, which was cancelled mid show due to rain and wind.

I call this shot, “What do you mean we won’t be able to play the whole 3 hours?”

We had little idea how many people were still here for the show

Finally, at close to 11pm, we were given permission to restart the generator, get the gear out onstage again, and try to do a show. And we were allowed to play til 1am, later than shows usually go here.

Robert put together a new setlist - just one set, but about two hours.

Here's a better shot of that...
We discussed our strategies
had our little before show ritual
and here we go

And as we went on, we discovered what you’ll see from the end of show pictures… that many hardy souls had indeed stayed through the storm, waiting to be at the show.

We really appreciate that, and hope they had as good a time tonight as we did.

More soon.