London Show1

London Shows 2 and 3

Here for our second and third shows at the Royal Albert Hall. There was a rare sense of history around these three concerts. Perhaps because this is the 50th anniversary of the band, but also the venue holds a special place in the hearts of British concert goers.

Oops, how did that photo creep in here? It’s Robert climbing to the top of the building, back when we last played here… in 1995!

Combining the shots from 2nd and 3rd soundchecks here, but of course I’ll keep the audience shots separate. Here’s the setlist from Wed. the 19th:

Our promoter gave us these nice commemorative plaques... seems we've become worthy of Legoization!

(And, yes, I look like I’ve had a legotomy.)

Ready to go on for Wednesday's show
Three hours later:

On to the show of Thursday, June 20th…

Before many shows there is an event called the Royal Package, where some people come into the front seats and hear talks from mgr David Singleton, from Robert, and from various other band members. Tonight, Jeremy and I had our turn, and I got to take some pictures.

Through the week we had some guests backstage. That’s the way it is when you play in London. A few folks I was thrilled to see…

Richard Macphail and David Rhodes
"The Deacon", Steve Hunter
Bill Bruford... guess he'll recognize a song or two tonight!.
From the show:
Go Mel, still playing, during our bows!

Those final notes from Mel’s flute may still be reverberating in the hall. Bringing to the end this memorable stand in London. Surely a landmark among the 50 shows we’ll do on this tour.