King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Leipzig Show

The Leipzig show went very well. The venue sound, which had been worrying us at rehearsals, was considerably better with the audience in (and kindly absorbing the sound waves to keep them bouncing around so much!)

First, a few more pictures from yesterday, setup and a full show for friends and family:

A small audience of people we know… and a useful concert for us, because some of the music is pretty new for us.

Okay, here are shots from today, show day, starting with the setlist:

For those who aren’t familiar with the Crimson shows these last years, we request that there be no photos til the end… hence my diaries of these shows don’t have pictures from during the show (which I’d normally be taking)… just, at the final bow, some shots of the audience. (And, on any of my road diaries, clicking on a picture will take you to a larger version.)

A very good start to our 50th Anniversary tour! More soon, from Frankfurt.