King Crimson 2019 Europe Tour

Juan-les-Pins show

The weather is perfect here in Juan-les-Pins, on the coast of France. The outdoor venue has had many shows in it, and tonight will be a pleasure.

As at the last show, I’m trying to get photos of the people on our tour. I’ve still missed a few who aren’t onstage during soundchecks… only a couple more shows to accomplish that.

Just one set - two hour show tonight

Late show start, early soundcheck finished… what do you do at the beach when you have all that time? Some go swimming.

Now it's time to go on
Just dark, and walking to the stage I saw some fireworks across the water. More low end... just what we need!

After this show we have just one more concert, in Perugia, and this tour leg will end. (We’ll start up again in Mexico in August.)

More soon from that last show, and perhaps a page of my favorite photos from the tour.