King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

New York Show

A pretty historic concert here in New York.

One of the pleasures of being on the road is connecting with old friends. That’s what happened today, but the friend was an old MXR Phase 90 pedal.

I’d used it from the late 70’s, rarely playing my Chapman Stick without it in the 80’s incarnation of the band. A few years ago, realizing I wouldn’t be using it any more, I sold the pedal. But today I connected with the gentleman who bought it, and have borrowed it back for tonight’s show.

Here it is, in the pedal board at soundcheck

Yow, I’d forgotten, there’s no LED to tell you when it’s on… those came later!

Can’t resist more pictures of Radio City…

Paul sets up some music for soundcheck
Michele fine tunes my gear

I’m happy my wife Andi has come in to the city for tonight’s show

It’s my turn to appear at the Royal Package before showtime

Up in the dressing room Pat and I share...
and it's back down for the show

Here’s something you won’t see in smaller theaters; suspended above us by the side of the stage is what seems to be a bus.

The show was great, and the audience was super. (You can click on it for a larger version)

A wonderful night, partly because of the history and size of the venue, but also because of the enthusiasm of the New Yorkers who came to the show. Oh, and we played pretty well too!