King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Los Angeles Show

We kick off the U.S. part of our tour by returning to a venue we love to be at, the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

The main feature about this afternoon’s setup was simple… it was hot!

We don't envy the crew, who spent the day setting us up in the sun
(we'll do anything to stay out of it)
But eventually...

As we learned this Summer in the heat of Europe setups, keyboards often shut down from the heat… so we’re without them, and hoping they’re back for the show.

Well, it's a hot setlist!

A big treat for us; our friends, the California Guitar Trio are doing an opening set for tonight’s show. I can’t recall having an opener for a Crimson show since back in the 90’s, when it was the CGT who opened for us in over 100 shows!

Great to hear them, but also a treat for me to photograph them again!

Meanwhile, backstage...
Here we go...
Wow. (click on pic for a larger version.)

Very happy with the show, and wonderful reception from the L.A. audience, we’re headed next to Oakland, where we’ll play two nights in a very different kind of venue, the renovated 1928 Fox Theater.