King Crimson 2019 Americas Tour

Cleveland Show

In Cleveland today, well, a bit outside it, playing MGM Northfield Park.

We’d played here two years ago, and I got some decent photos then - kept seeing scenes today and thought, well, I already shot that! Here’s a link to that web diary… different venue name, but same place.

After soundcheck, David Singleton speaking to folks at the Royal Package

When Chris grows up we'll let him play at the front of house desk!

I guess I can’t blame the drummers for being a little tired of my taking their picture at the bow every night!

Quite a nice show, and I think Chris (Chris Porter, our sound engineer) got a better sound out in the venue than it usually has.

Gee, only 8 shows left in our 51 show tour! But we’ll cover quite a bit of ground in the coming weeks… just two more U.S. shows, then we’ll go to Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Travelling tomorrow to Nashville for our show the next day, at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

More soon.