King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Stockholm 2 shows

We’ve reached the Scandinavian part of our tour - with shows in Stockholm and Oslo. Nights will be not so dark!

Here in Stockholm, we’ll have two shows. The venue is named “Cirkus”, and yes we will play King Crimson’s “Cirkus” here!

Pictures of the usual suspects, at soundcheck.

Outside, a reminder, these trucks get the stage and gear everywhere, safely and on time.

Later, all dressed up, we head back down to the stage.
I'm not sure what's going on here... with long exposure in the dark stage wing, I just keep taking pictures, and find out later what came out.

Another very nice show for us, and great audience.

Before I add the pictures from night two, I want to mention that a few days ago, back in Berlin, Pat Mastelotto and I met up a few times with Markus Reuter, our Stick Men bandmate who lives there. We had a dinner and a lunch, but also tried some photos together, and Markus had the idea to put the camera on a table and have our hands in front of it. Kind of weird, but we liked it.

Here’s the latest Stick Men photo:

Back to the Stockholm diary, here is soundcheck on day two - where I had a little more time to shoot the guys.

and, don't worry, I got tonight's setlist too.

You can click on these pictures to see a larger version.

I occasionally like to point out the amusing change that happens once the audience picks up their cellphones to take pictures. Crimson fans know that we don’t allow pictures or video until the end, when, well, when I pick up my camera (after the last song.)

And I have to try hard to get that first pictures exposed right, because a lot of the later ones are like the following one: everyone’s hands are up, but to take pictures. And an interesting side effect that we’re very aware of onstage: if your hands are on your cellphone, of course you’re not clapping. It does indeed quiet down for a bit after the first surge of applause. Often returns later… I guess that’s just the way it is nowadays.

Stage three is when a lot of people look down at their devices, to see if their photos came out right. I don’t get many pictures of that because… well, because I’m looking down at my camera to see if the photos came out right!

So, we’ll wave goodbye to Sweden, where these were very nice shows for us.

Tomorrow we fly to Oslo for a three night stand.

More soon.