King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Rome Show1

Another very special venue, here in Rome. The show was great, and I got lucky with my photos, so it’s a pleasure to share the experience with you.

First, the afternoon and evening we arrived, we had some free time to wander.

More than a few tourists at the popular spots, I’d say!

Maybe better to shoot them than the fountain.

In Rome’s Parco della Musica there are three performance spaces. I’ve played in one of the indoors one, but never before the outdoor Cavea.

The acoustics are great, and the design is unique… you’ll see why the structures have been nicknamed “the blobs”, “the beetles” and “the turtles”.

Pretty windy, so I'll hold the setlist in place for a picture.
What does it mean? Only Bill knows.

Pompeii was special, but it’s very nice to have normal dressing rooms again.

I can see the audience coming in

After years of taking pictures of the band about to go onstage… I seem to have moved to another realm!

A great night. And the best part: we get to do it again tomorrow!

More soon.