King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Prague Show2

More from Prague, at our second show.

But I’ll start off with just a few more pictures of the city. (Yes, irony intended… see setlist.)

At soundcheck:
Russ works, as on many days, at getting my in-ear monitors to fit better

Jakko works, as on every day, at getting his set notes in order

And I work at finding things I haven't photographed yet.
Backstage, today Pat and I share a dressing room. He plays a little drums...

Our before and after show ‘fist raising’ is a pretty disorganized event… I like to think that we’re saving our coordination and tightness for the performance. Anyway, though I always try to shoot it, I rarely can capture the chaos… but I think this picture kind of got it.

In fact, I think it warrants a couple of detail segments
Okay, that's out of our system. All lined up and together, we head onstage.
After fists (with banana)

Headed to the dressing room, we glimpse the local crew, whose hard work is about to begin.

Tomorrow we head to Budapest - another beautiful city.

More soon.