King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Poznan Show1

OK… after rehearsing in England in April, and here in Poznan last week, it’s finally time to start doing shows!

Before sharing pictures from the first show, at Earth Hall, here are some shots from our warmup show, for just a few invited guests, at the Aula Artis Centre, where we’ve been rehearsing.

tonight's setlist
Production office is getting busy
Dressed and ready to go

Robert and I have a tradition of occasional photos in a mirror, before going on. I’d say this barely qualifies as that, but, here we are.

Before fists
After fists
and some nice folks to say hi to

The next day, June 13th, the crew moves all our gear across town to Earth Hall, for our first public show.

Quite a distinctive looking place.

There will be some firsts in the show tonight
Robert speaks with the vip pass visitors

And it’s backstage to a shared dressing room with the guys. I’ve taken many photos of them before, practicing and hanging out, but I never get tired of trying to capture the mood.

Jakko studies his new lyrics
And, let the tour begin!

It was a great show. Going to be a wild tour if every night is like tonight.

More tomorrow, (with, of course, some different pieces in the repertoire) here in the lovely city of Poznan.