King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Pompeii Show1

This outdoor venue in Pompeii was the site of Pink Floyd’s ‘Live at Pompeii’ film, and, more recently, a David Gilmour concert. Now King Crimson is here, and, from what I hear, those are the only concerts that have been here, at least since 79 A.D. when the city was buried in ash from a volcano. (Could be some big acts played here before that, but I’m guessing they involved lions!)

I'm keeping an eye on Vesuvius... especially during 'One More Red Nightmare".

Through the old wall is the way to the stage.

Dave’s looking pretty Neapolitan… his luggage got lost on the flight from Munich, so he’s wearing what he’s acquired in nearby Naples, where we’re staying.

The tent looking things are to keep the sun off our pedals, and us, for soundcheck. It’s very hot, and the broiling sun could damage the digital effects. Tonight it’ll just be the stage, no canopies.

Silver tarps go over anything that the sun will harm
Mel's canopy has blown down
But Biff's got a backup plan.
And Bill has found yet another use for chopsticks: holding pages down when it's windy.
A peek at Jeremy's setlist
And seconds later the wind will help us see the 2nd set!

After soundcheck we went to a local hotel to change, then in evening back to the amphitheater, where Russ and the whole crew have spent a long, toasty day.

In our suits.
Credit to Dave Salt for this pic of the full band.
Pretty special.
Coming offstage, all enjoyed the show, and best part; we have another one here tomorrow.

More soon.