King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

More England Rehearsals

More sights from the rehearsals.

Quote of the day; Jakko’s son Django, on explaining a joke to him, “It’s a Millenial thing, dad, you wouldn’t understand.”

A new yellow bass has come into the Crimson touring array. I’d been playing my old Music Man 4 string, the one re-painted back when we did the “Three of a Perfect Pair” tour in the 80’s… I’d been mostly playing that in the Crimson shows the last year or two. But Music Man has just come out with a re-designed 5 string that suits the new music very well, so I’m leaning toward playing that in most of the show – and luckily I obtained a yellow one, so they’re something like two of a perfect pair!

Last day here, we put on our usual “Friends & Family” show. Not for many people this time, but it’s a different experience playing the music in front of an audience and we wanted to get a head start before June’s first show in Poland.

Which meant dressing up…

and before going on, I managed to corral the guys for a band picture…

(Gave it a vintage look. Hey, we are a vintage band!)

Here we go...

We did a ‘short’ show… about an hour and 45 minutes nonstop.

All happy afterwards. It’s been a hard rehearsing period, but the results showed today. More work to do, but we’re up to something special.

Aftershow fists...

And now, it’s packup time.

All heading home now. For me, it’s a rare few weeks to enjoy being home (though I’ll be practicing a lot – these new parts were not under my fingers yet!)

And the Summer tour is going to be great. I look forward to not only playing it, but sharing behind the scenes with you.

More in June.