King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Krakow Shows2 & 3

I was wrong in my previous road diary when I wrote that I hadn’t played in Krakow since 2009. I was here in 2014, with the Crimson ProjeKCt… here’s a link to that diary page.

And, while I’m on a linking spree… I was surprised to see all the Copernicus references here in Krakow… turns out (as I should have known) that the great astronomer lived here for part of his life. (There’s a “Copernicus” hotel, restaurant, and even a vodka.)

My interest stems from it being the title of a musical piece, with video, that I composed and posted recently on Vimeo. If you hadn’t seen my FB mention of it, you might want to check it out - especially if you like the stars. Here’s my Copernicus.

Back at soundcheck
I've been enjoying the tour artwork, including the pieces on the bass drums

You know, after 3 years of taking pictures of the same guys on pretty much the same stage, at every soundcheck, maybe I should pack it in and admit I’ve shot every angle I can! But can’t resist trying more.

Here's something that's different each day
If you're there in the audience, by clicking on the picture you can see a larger version.

That’s the Jun 17th show.

Here some moments from the following day

The theater again, but this time it's Chris, our front of house engineer, I later spot in the picture!

We’re headed next to Essen, Germany, where we’ll have two shows.

More soon.