King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Budapest Show

Good to be back in Budapest - I’ve been part of a lot of really nice shows here.

Arrived at night, day before show, as usual. A change to grab some photos.

Quite a venue.

At soundchecks, aside from running through any pieces we haven’t played in awhile (even some not in the night’s setlist) there are usually some ‘requests’ from any of us. Today I asked, again, for us to run Discipline - it’s pretty ironic that this is the piece I’ve been playing the longest time in King Crimson (Robert tells me we ran it in 1980 when I was asked to rehearse with the new lineup and possibly join the band.) I played it right that day(!) but now, 38 years later, it’s become more challenging for me!

Okay, partly because I’m evolving the ‘letter B’ section, and partly because the cues for many section changes are different than they used to be, and, yes, I have played it… less than perfectly… many times over those years. But still, I’m waiting for the night, coming soon, when I actually get it completely right, for the first time on this tour, and give a silent Yesss!

Backstage, a new addition to my wardrobe: got a shirt that handles cufflinks, so I could finally wear the pair Toyah and Robert gave me at start of the tour.

I don’t yet have a necktie to capture some of the blue shade, but I’d say my in-ear monitors are a pretty good match. Not sure what the fashion experts advise on that.

And, back in the dressing room… when in Hungary…

A very nice experience all around, here in Budapest. It was one of the only ‘one show’ stops on our tour, and definitely worth the trip.

Tomorrow we’ll head to Berlin, for three nights of shows.

More soon.