King Crimson 2018 Uncertain Times Tour

Amsterdam 2 Shows

For Crimson’s two shows in Amsterdam the big story was the venue: the venerable Concertgebouw.

As impressive inside as out.
What an organ. Too bad we won't play it in our set.
And, even the dressing rooms are pretty special.

Let me mention that the high point of the week for me was that my lovely wife Andi came in for the Amsterdam stay.

Back at the venue, Chris and SatNav have their work cut out for them... there is a lot of reverberation in this room.
Tonight's menu:
If you're looking for youself in any of the pictures, click on it to enlarge... even do that twice.

Nice show, though the low end ringing through the hall took some getting used to.

Day two, I finally got some shots of Amsterdam on my walk to the theater

Back at the venue

There are some unusual things about the layout here. Aside from a lot of winding corridors which had us lost more than once, we’ve got the stage on two levels, and the drummers go onstage from the bottom floor, while the rest of us take an elevator up to a dressing room, pause there til the house is ready, then we walk a bit down the public hallway, hoping everyone’s in their seats, and enter the theater from there, then needing to walk down a staircase that’s part of the stage.

Anyway, more pics from that dressing room!

Here’s a pic my friend Mark took during the bows… me taking Robert’s picture while takes the audience, while they take us… some kind of photo feedback!

Much better sound at this second show, at least for us. Or maybe we just got used to the theater’s sound.

Anyway, a great show.

Afterward, amusement about some mistakes we might have made tonight.