King Crimson 2018 Meltdown Tour

Paris Shows

3 shows at the Olympia here in Paris, and I’ve got lots of photos to share.

We’d played multiple nights here before, and again it’s a pleasure to be in this venue, and of course, in Paris for an extended stay.

The venue:

Show one setlist:

Okay, I’m getting a little overboard on blurring some of my pictures… here’s the setlist so you can actually read it…

Though our tour is far from over, there’s some re-organizing after these shows. The gear ships to Japan for our shows there next week, and anything extra needs to go to storage, or in my case since I’ll fly home for a day, I’ll be taking these extra items that I haven’t been using on this tour.

My photos of the ‘fisting’ have become a bit surreal… probably because I’ve been taking them nightly for years now, and can’t help looking for a new way to see the event.

Here we go
Click on any picture to go to a larger version.

Somebody picked up my camera as we came offstage, and grabbed this shot.

Nice show for sure.

One thing that struck me this visit to Paris is the huge variety of vehicles buzzing around the city day and night. People on bikes, on motorcycles and motorscooters, some with 3 wheels, tiny cars, huge busses, and a lot of electric scooters.

Here’s a kind of photo essay I did of those, if you care to hit the link. Paris Streets

Day two, show two in Paris:

First, a couple of quotes from my 1995 Road Diaries:

From magazine at Grand Hotel Parkers, Naples, quotes on cooking pasta: “Always use spaghetti of medium thickness in preference to those double-bass strings which are fine for the stomachs of woodcutters.”

From Mexico City Crowne Plaza Hotel room svc. menu: “Vegetarian sandwitch-avocado, alfalfa germs, smoked chicken, boiled egg ….”

Ouch, I forgot to shoot the setlist, except for first half, which I grabbed from this shot. Sorry.

at intermission;

Another excellent show. Maybe it’s just me, but these Paris shows feel very special. We’re comfortable with a lot of the music we’re doing, but Robert is throwing some less familiar pieces into the sets, and that spices things up.

Day three, show three:

Lucky me, my dear wife Andi is visiting for the week.

What a contrast there is between the very serious business of getting King Crimson’s music done right, and the very amusing times we often share together.

"Who wrote that setlist?"
Aha, a last minute change in the setlist... hope everyone go it!

Another excellent show, and a great ending to our Paris stand and the U.K/Europe part of our tour.

The diary will be quiet a few days, while we head for Japan and rehearse there a bit, but more soon.